Advanced SIP communication systems

IP networks provide an extensive amount of functionality which can transform the way in which your business operates. To get the most from your IP network and experience all of the benefits that such telephony services provide, we recommend the provision of SIP capability which will provide you with an added element of control over your telephone network.

We are capable of providing your business with SIP functionality via the installation of a SIP enabled trunk which will remove the need for traditional fixed PSTN telephone lines. Discuss your requirements for SIP enabled services by contacting us today to speak to a member of our team.

SIP Trunk Installation

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol which provides functionality for controlling IP based multimedia communication sessions such as audio and video calls. SIP is essentially the backbone of IP based communication, providing maximum efficiency for your IP based telephony systems whether you’re using the Mitel office 250 system or another platform.

The provision of IP based telephone systems which are routed through SIP trunks – in conjunction with the required network edge hardware and a SIP trunk service provider – is all that you require to completely eliminate your costly ISDN phone lines whilst enjoying enhanced functionality. Once setup, your internet connectivity will provide the infrastructure required to enjoy premium telephony services, all at a reduced cost.

Maximum Networks: SIP Trunking service providers

Maximum Networks are well versed in all aspects of SIP capability and can supply your business with a SIP phone system which is going to replace your traditional phone lines. If you already have an IP telephone system in place, we are able to provide you with SIP capability and a managed telephony system that will future proof your businesses telecom and communication provision.

Access the full functionality of your telephone system by calling us today and requesting an overview of our SIP telephone systems and services. Our team of trained staff will evaluate your current business telephony system and assess your requirements before presenting you with a proposal for the provision of the services that you require. Our services are available across the UK, enabling you to take advantage of SIP functionality wherever your business is located.