Providing High-Speed Copper Ethernet Cables

At Maximum Networks we have been involved in all forms of data and network cabling systems, from Cat 5e, Cat 6 & Cat6a, and more recently solutions that are rated at the standard of Category 6A and beyond for 10G Ethernet over copper.

Network cabling remains a vital component of any commercial IT network despite the onset and prevalence of wireless communication.

Maximise Performance From Your IT Systems

From server cabinets to network switches and ethernet data points, the utilisation of the right network cabling is instrumental to obtaining the maximum performance from your IT provision.

As part of our service offering, we are capable of providing you with a network cable installation that has been designed with your organisation in mind, taking into account the hardware present and the way in which it is deployed across your company. We can provide network installation solutions that meet the requirements of any commercial organisation so contact us today to seek the advice of our network engineers.

Bespoke network cabling tailored to the requirements of your business

The network requirements of factories and other industrial environments will differ greatly to those of schools and commercial offices.

Our expertise allows us to evaluate the needs of your business to provide you with the data and network cabling solution that is the perfect match and will provide you with the performance and functionality that you require.

Cat 5e is the preferred option for structured cabling and will provide the main infrastructure for your IT network. High-bandwidth cat 6 wiring is often the preferred choice for providing the final connection between wall mounted data sockets and an end users IT hardware.

Our experienced staff are capable of advising you on the best way to proceed for your business and will provide you with an overview of your options during your consultation.

Why Choose Maximum Networks For Data Cabling?

Maximum Networks are an independent Birmingham based Mitel telecom phone installation and repair company that can help fix and install your broadband. We have a team of fully trained and qualified telecom engineers that will come out to help whenever you need.

We offer competitive rates around Birmingham and have a fast turnaround with no hassle, discuss your requirements for high-quality network cabling by calling us today and speaking with a member of our team. We will work with you to design a network cabling installation that satisfies the needs of your organisation, in turn allowing you to better serve your customers.