Business Broadband Solutions

Business Broadband and Phone Packages from Maximum Networks

Broadband connectivity is key to many business day-to-day operations and plays a critical role in how your business performs. Maximum Networks offers an extensive range of technologies that can be tailored to your specific location, organisational needs and budget.

Business Broadband Solutions

Connecting your business to the internet via a reliable and high-quality ISP is paramount to being able to access data services on demand. It is now possible to use the internet as your sole means of electronic communication which necessitates the implementation of a high-performance WAN network which provides the speed and bandwidth that you require.

Maximum Networks possess extensive knowledge of all forms of commercial broadband technology and can assist you in obtaining the right solution for the needs of your company. Simply call us today for an overview of your options for a business broadband and phone package.

Providing maximum connectivity for your business

The most common options for commercial internet access are ADSL2+, fibre optic and the provision of a leased line. ADSL technology is usually suitable for small businesses with a low network demand whereas a fibre optic connection can provide both increased speed and bandwidth. Leased lines on the other hand are perfect for those businesses which require a dedicated internet connection that is only available to their organisation and isn’t shared with other users of the same ISP.

A dedicated lease line is usually the most expensive option with leased line costs varying dependent upon the level of performance required. Our staff can advise on the right solution for your business and provide you with a leased line quote so call us today for more information.

Maximum Networks: The Experts in Business Broadband

Maximum Networks are capable of providing you with a bespoke broadband solution that is tailored to the requirements of your business. This includes the provision of managed installation services in addition to a ‘wire only’ connection if you prefer to utilise your own hardware. Whether you’re interested in Ethernet First Mile (EFM) technology or backup and resilience functionality, we are sure to be able to help you find the perfect solution.

Call us today to discuss your options for broadband with a member of our team. We serve the entirety of the UK and will work with you to connect you to the best ISP for your business broadband requirements and manage the connection process on your behalf.