IT Support Services and Technology Solutions

Managed IT and Print Services Birmingham, and across the UK

At Maximum Networks, we provide a range of IT support and desktop technology solutions from businesses based in Birmingham to around the UK. Our IT desktop solutions include a 24-hour service for maintenance and monitoring, from support and network admin to technology and software consulting and support. Our IT experts will ensure we maintain a great relationship with you and your business, getting to know your business inside and out which will help us to recognise what technology is suited best for your business’s needs.

One of the biggest cost issues in business is functioning technology. Working in a business, you can only be efficient to your highest ability if the technology you’re working on is performing at its best. Whether that be remote working, desktop devices or cloud based communications, it needs to be performing optimally in the best or most favorably way.

How can IT Desktop Solutions Help You?

In today’s world, we need technology for almost everything in a modern-day workspace. With this in mind, you can imagine how technology is impacting workplaces, with almost every office relying on desktop computing, IT support and cloud based communication within their business.

With this amount of communications, data tracking and online development, it’s hard for businesses to run smooth sailing all the time. That is why Maximum Networks offers IT desktop solutions, helping to prevent any issues arising within your business and solving them as quickly as possible with our 24-hour service. Our Birmingham based IT Solutions experts provide you and your staff with the best IT support in Birmingham and across the UK.

Microsoft Azure Desktop Solutions

Microsoft Azure matters for your business. It removes the need for high maintenance of outdated servers located on your premises within your business. At Maximum Networks, we ensure hosting your business applications is easier as it gets. When using Microsoft Azure, you are able to run your business software applications in a cost effective and highly secure way.

The Azure Microsoft Cloud system is one of the most secure cloud platforms around today. Microsoft is committed to the highest levels of transparency, regulatory compliances, and trust. This allows your business to connect from any cloud-based service provider across the UK or globally.

Need high-quality communication and IT desktop solutions in your organisation?

At Maximum Networks, we deliver affordable desktop and IT solutions tailored to your business no matter what size. We offer the following services:


Our cloud services are a powerful & reliable source of communication and storage supporting your business efficiently by simplifying and stabilising your IT infrastructure across the UK.

IT Support and Consulting

Don’t let time and tech waste your time. Get a consultation from the IT experts at Maximum Networks and we can help your business run smooth sailing with no technical glitches.


For most organisations, minimising or completely eradicating the risk of theft, vandalism and fire (and their associated costs and hassle), is a priority. Ensuring your business security is stable is our priority and passion.

Telephony and Connectivity

We have been helping businesses find the right phone systems for many years, and have grown to meet the ever-changing demand for more efficient, secure, scalable, cost-effective, and reliable communication solutions.

IT Print Solutions

Did you know that Maximum Networks deliver print solution services? No? Believe it or not, we don’t just specialise in IT, Cloud and Phone solutions, we print documents for any industry whether that is a digital format or a paper print.

We can provide the following digital and paper print services:

  • Sourcing and implementation of devices
  • Wide format and production printers
  • Fully managed service – iSense
  • Comprehensive Managed Print Service
  • Document capture and output
  • Print Control and management

Why Choose us for your IT Desktop Solutions

At Maximum Networks we have a wide range of IT Desktop Solutions and Print Services for any business across the UK. Not only do we offer high quality services across IT Services we offer business broadband solutions, telecommunications and more, get in touch or call us on 0330 041 6308.