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Keep in touch with your team as an alternative to face-to-face meetings

Logitech solutions

In recent months, video conferencing has of course become a key tool for smaller organisations across numerous sectors from healthcare to manufacturing.

Its various benefits range from optimal communication and business continuity for teams that have to work remotely – it’s also much cheaper and more environmentally friendly to hold meetings this way.

Equally, where people can’t come together in person, video keeps teams focused and engaged in a way that phone calls and emails simply can’t. What’s more, a meeting held by video can be every bit as effective as a face-to-face business gathering.

So even when more travel becomes possible once again, many organisations will have come to appreciate the cost and time-saving benefits of video conferencing as an alternative that still allowed decisions to be made during the months of pandemic.

But, of course, for video conferencing to work well, and consistently reliably, you need to have the best technological solutions in place.

Google Meet, along with Google Chat, is a video communication tool the search giant has developed to replace Google Hangouts.

Google Meet has all the features you need from your video conferencing app, and can be used across your workplace.

The American-Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software Logitech produces its Room solutions to use with Google Meet, so that you have everything you need to hold your meeting with high-quality, dependable video and audio, at an affordable price.

These solutions come in three configurations from small to large. They include options for different sizes of room, so anywhere can be transformed into a meeting space:

Small rooms

Logitech MeetUp

With its compact design, this solution minimises cabling and can go under or above a computer display, and be wall-mounted to save even more space.

The conference cam incorporates an extra-wide field of vision, alongside integrated high-quality audio.

Mid-sized rooms

Meetings in bigger rooms have different needs as people sit further away from the camera. Again, Logitech has a solution.

Logitech Rally

With its sleek design, this top-of-the-range conference cam has an ultra-HD camera plus modular audio designed to reduce noise and echo, and supports many different layouts and sizes of room. Even if conditions are dark or backlit, participants are shown clearly.

Larger rooms

In the biggest conference rooms, needs will change yet again.

Logitech Rally Plus

This solution offers a second speaker and second mic pod for additional coverage to include up to 16 delegates, or up to seven mic pods for rooms with places for as many as 46.

Under-table cabling keeps things safe and looking neat.

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