Unified Communication

Offering multi-platform real time communication

The experts in Mitel unified communications

Providing effective telephony solutions revolves around streamlining processes and the ability for all connected hardware to be able to communicate seamlessly. Through the use of Mitel’s advanced telephony capability, we are able to transform the way that your phone system serves your business.

Unified Communications allows you to send a message via one platform and receive it via countless others, ensuring that you are always connected whether in the office or out of office. It is our mission to simplify this concept and provide a way for all companies to benefit from Unified Communications, so contact us today to see how we could help you to increase productivity.


The benefits of the Mitel unified communicator

Integrating Mitel hardware and software into your business provides a variety of benefits. Mitel’s Unified Communicator can be installed onto your laptop, desktop computer and mobile phone in addition to its availability through your Mitel handset and business phone line. Furthermore, this level of integration is extended to your colleagues through their IT provision, providing functionality such as audio conferencing and improving communication and collaboration across your workforce.

The biggest advantage that many customers cite is the increase in flexibility and the ability to work with the same level of functionality from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, Unified Communication systems provide a considerable increase in security and reliability over traditional phone systems, further reducing the probability of experiencing downtime.

Maximum Networks: for the best in IP phone systems

Maximum Networks are experienced VoIP providers and will work with you to ensure that your requirements for IP phone capability are met. We are capable of supplying you with a range of hardware and software solutions across the country to suit the way in which your company operates, placing us as the only business telecoms provider in the UK that you need to consider.

Call us today so that you can take advantage of the benefits available to you by streamlining your telephony provision across your business. Our team of trained staff are capable of assessing your requirements and providing you with a complete solution that meets your needs.