Reasons to choose a hosted solution include:

  • Quick and easy to add new sites or users
  • No need for large upfront investment
  • Can include tools and services such as hosted contact centres, intelligent numbers and voice continuity
  • A wide range of calling features
  • Can cope with organisations that have multiple sites across the world
  • Easily managed using an online portal
  • And much more
Maxi Cloud Hosted Telephony

Great handsets

Choose from a range of handsets designed to offer a no-nonsense user experience – all of which offer full access to the entire suite of iPECS functionality and features. These range from models suitable for all users and offering a simple interface to mid-range models and high-end phones able to handle large call volumes or offering a full touchscreen interface with Bluetooth and wireless support.  The top-of-the-range LIP-9071, for example, essentially provides a phone and tablet in one device.

Also accompanying the system are an on-site call server, consoles and ways of accessing the solution remotely and on the move.

Benefits and features

This super-flexible solution can be completely tailored to what  you need, and is packed with on-demand features offers stacks of benefits, whatever your business, including:

  • Ability to add or remove users quickly and simply
  • Provision of a reception console or call centre solution, as required
  • Fully-featured handsets
  • Straightforward web-based, PC or smartphone interfaces
  • Voice-enable Skype for Business with a simple add-on app which fully integrates iPECS into a Microsoft UC desktop
  • Build a Call Centre within iPECS Cloud to help drive inbound and outbound capability
  • Local redundancy

Ericsson-LG Enterprise 9010 & 9020 Handset

Ericsson-LG Enterprise 9030 & 9040 Handset

Ericsson-LG Enterprise 9071 User Guide