CCTV Maintenance & Installation

At Maximum Networks we offer CCTV maintenance and installation in Birmingham and nearby areas in the West Midlands.

Why a good CCTV Solution is Important

For most organisations, minimising or completely eradicating the risk of theft, vandalism and fire, and their associated costs and hassle, is a priority.

These days, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) has an increasingly important part to play in protecting people, property and other assets.

IP Surveillance Solutions

IP surveillance systems are now overtaking standard CCTV cameras. And these solutions offer a number of advantages over their traditional counterparts, including:

  • Greatly enhanced quality of images
  • Removal of the need for extensive cabling
  • Much simpler storage
  • Little maintenance, since there are no moving parts
  • ‘Intelligent’ features including people counting and number plate recognition
  • Constant, live access remotely – wherever you are worldwide
  • The reduced cabling and maintenance make IP systems more affordable than traditional CCTV solutions

Our line-up of IP CCTV system offers 24-hour, discreet monitoring at an affordable price.

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