We provide ultrafast business broadband and leased lines in Birmingham and across the UK. With telecoms services increasingly transferring to the cloud with communication services such as the Mitel iPECS cloud telephone system, it’s never been more important to have internet connectivity that’s dependable, speedy, and, above all, highly secure.

At Maximum Networks, our leased-line services definitely tick all three of those boxes.

A leased line service for a business can keep down private networking costs and at the same time enhance support and service quality.

Max Networks’ leased line service provides the kind of flexibility and scalability you just don’t get from legacy services. Use us for dedicated, uncontended leased-line connections for business, for both data and voice traffic, safe in the knowledge that your security will never be compromised.

We offer different speeds for 10MB upto 1GB Connections tailored to your requirments.

leased lines