Leased Lines Service and Installation Birmingham

Ultrafast business broadband and leased lines in Birmingham and across the UK

With telecoms services increasingly transferring to the cloud with communication services such as the MAXI cloud telephone system, it’s never been more important to have internet connectivity that’s dependable, speedy, and, above all, highly secure.

At Maximum Networks, our leased-line services definitely tick all three of those boxes. Max Networks’ leased line service provides the flexibility and scalability you just don’t get from legacy services. Use us for dedicated, uncontended leased-line connections for business, for both data and voice traffic, safe in the knowledge that your security will never be compromised.

What is a leased line

A leased line is a direct broadband connection. Instead of sharing a broadband line with your neighbours, like you would at home or generally any other broadband, you rent a single leased line to yourself or your business.

Leased lines are most commonly used by businesses with high-powered broadband needs. Generally with a standard shared line the speed and reliability of your broadband can fluctuate depending on the amount of users that are connected and active on it. Having a standard shared line means slower speeds resulting in slow and unstable broadband.

By installing a leased line for you or your business means that this is not an issue. Leased lines are a direct secure way of accessing stable ultra fast internet and broadband also resulting in a more private and secure broadband system

Do you need a leased line

This differs between what industry you’re working under. Leased lines are not suitable for every business as they come at a cost. However you’ll be paying for very high quality broadband connection which delivers fast secure broadband that is worth every penny.

Common pro’s for business requirements with leased lines:

  • Large office with substantial amount of staff
  • Large amount of data is transferred on a daily basis
  • Needs secure line for financial trading
  • Runs a large website which relies on high quality broadband
  • Needs guaranteed, stable and secure internet 24/7
  • High use of VoIP
  • Needs secure broadband
  • It’s not shared with anyone, so speeds are steady and won’t fluctuate.
  • With most leased line packages, you can change your bandwidth whenever you want – meaning you can pay less in quieter months.
  • You’re guaranteed to get a connection at the speed you want wherever you are, with certain providers.
  • Leased lines often comes with static IP addresses.

How can a leased line help your business

As mentioned above, leased lines are beneficial for a lot of reasons, but come at a cost meaning there may be some debate on whether to go for a secure leased line or generic broadband. Leased lines can be used for many things, including linking two offices together, linking an office to a pre-existing corporate telephone system, carrying out phone calls from your office to your telecoms provider and linking data centres together.

At Maximum Networks we can help you decide whether you or your business is suitable for a leased line. We can help you find the best broadband provider and get our telecom engineers to install the leased lines correctly to get everything running, get in touch with a member of the team today.

What is the best speed for your business

Speeds on a leased line are available from 10Mb all the way up to 10Gb (10,000Mb). 2Mbps, 10Mbps and 100Mbps are the most popular broadband connection speeds for a business. The leased lines are symmetric, meaning your download and upload speeds are the same, which is highly ideal for businesses that need to upload data, host a large or multiple websites or let remote workers use your office services.

If you find your business broadband runs slow on essential things like making video calls and accessing data remotely, downloading and uploading files, Maximum Networks with 24/7 customer care and priority fault fixes when things go wrong.

How much will a leased line cost me for my business?

This is quite a common question as most businesses will look at whether the price is right for what they require. Looking at how much a leased like will cost for your business depends on a few factors; the speed of the connection you want, your location and the length of the contract.

Give us a call 03301027444 or send an email to and we can provide a quote on what would suit your business best.