Mitel Telecom Telephone Engineers

Phone Engineers Based In Birmingham

Why Do You Need A Telephone Engineer?

If you’re having issues with your telephone or broadband then a telecom engineer is what you need. Whether your phone line has gone dead, you have a crackly line or your broadband cuts out, our phone engineering experts can help with your issues. We can help fix telephone and broadband installation and fix your network problems in a whizz.

Telephone engineers work with wired telephone networks, cellular networks, and the satellite systems that support them. Telephone engineering includes tasks such as designing, installing, and maintaining wired and wireless phone networks.

Our Mitel telecom engineers help find, fit and successfully install your phone and broadband from phone sockets, phone wiring and cables, rewiring and much more. Give yourself ease of mind and leave the hassle to the experts.

What Our Trained Engineers Cover:

Our telephone engineers specialises in installing and fixing mitel phone systemsand cloud telephony system but also specialise in fixing other phone systems. Our hard-working engineers are qualified, skilled and experienced in getting a job done right the first time with minimal hassle. Whatever the issue, we promise not to make a drama out of the situation.

Our Phone Engineer Checklist

To make sure you’re after the right telecom engineering service, see what cards we have on the table to offer:

  • New telephone lines or broadband installation
  • Mitel telephone system installation
  • Telephone socket repair
  • Master socket removal / move
  • Extra telephone sockets installation
  • Telephone extension socket installation
  • Wiring / Rewiring
  • External network cable installation
  • Network cabling installation for CCTV
  • Broadband router setup / Replacement
  • Landline telephone fault testing
  • Extend your wireless network range
  • Fully tested and certified CAT5e or CAT6 structured network installation

Why Choose Maximum Networks Telecom Engineers?

Maximum Networks are an independent Birmingham based mitel telecom phone installation and repair company that can help fix and install your broadband. We have a team of fully trained and qualified telecom engineers that will come out to help whenever you need.

We offer competitive rates around Birmingham and have a fast turnaround with no hassle, so if you’re after a professional phone engineer urgently get in touch or fill out the form below.