Microsoft 365 Email Security                           

Microsoft does offer a certain level of data protection against cyber threats, so it can be easy to be lulled into a false sense of security. But you won’t be protected against every possible scenario. And, ultimately, the tech giant is not responsible for backing up your data. That onus falls entirely on you and your business.

What are the risks?

With email, potential threats include unintentional or even intentional deletion, a system crash or malicious software. Equally, there is no native option for backing mailboxes up unless you go to a third-party provider.

Benefits of Barracuda

Barracuda offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution which also incorporates Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to safeguard against a wide variety of email-based threats.

With Barracuda, you get award-winning, affordable and multi-layered protection for your networks from ransomware, malware and phishing attacks, to keep your business emails completely protected in the cloud.

It means you as a business can operate more safely, quickly and efficiently. Equally, you can look forward to email continuity while avoiding data loss.

Ensuring compliance

This easy-to-manage back-up and recovery solution also helps ensure compliance, while simplifying any litigation searches you may have to make. (Having email copies is incredibly useful in the event of any litigation.)

You enjoy automated back-up and recovery for emails, files and attachments, while mailboxes including calendars, contacts and task lists are also backed up against human error and malice.

There are also apps to simplify search and ensure that all messages can be easily found, even at times when regular email services may not be available. Meanwhile, an integrated archiving service means you can declutter mailboxes without losing anything important, guaranteeing constant legal compliance, and the solution comes with auditing permissions.

Finally, you can also export to facilitate eDiscovery..

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