Data back-up & Recovery

If you’re a business, it’s entirely up to you to protect your data from deliberate or accidental deletion and other factors which could eliminate invaluable Office 365 files, from data corruption to ransomware and other malware. While Microsoft does provide minimal back-up capability, and it’s built for continuous service availability, it offers only limited data retention.

There’s no easier or more secure way of doing this than via third-party back-up.

Why you need to back up

Back-up ensures that you’re able to recover files, folders and apps at speed if necessary, since information is stored away from Microsoft servers. You’ll also meet all your data retention requirements as far as Office 365 is concerned.

At the same time, you’ll still be protected if a staff member leaves your organisation unexpectedly, without having to buy extra licences – you’ll retain files indefinitely. Equally, you can free up Office 365 licences promptly by deleting inactive user accounts with ease.

Back up with Barracuda

Barracuda offers layered, granular recovery, involving advanced tech to make both file and image-level recovery possible from a single back-up operation. You’ll be able to retrieve all back-up info instantaneously from the Barracuda cloud.

But that’s not all …

Other benefits include:

  • Flexible data recovery with downloads to varied sources – so, for example, you could restore data to a different user account if you wanted to
  • A single Microsoft back-up solution
  • Mobile apps for access wherever you happen to be
  • Secure, compliant and automated cloud back-up
  • Detailed reporting and audit logging – for instance you receive automated email alerts about anything you have added, changed or removed since the last back-up
  • Fully customisable scheduling
  • Straightforward, per-user pricing

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Eradicate the risk of losing items due to accidental or intentional deletion (it’s more common than you think) – not your vital business data.

Talk to us today about the Barracuda solution, and start to enjoy cloud agility, together with maximum control and accountability.