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What is Cloud Hosted Telephony?

If you’re currently looking for a new telecom provider you may have asked yourself what actually is a cloud-hosted telephony system? Cloud-based telephony, also known as ‘cloud calling’, is a unified communications service, or type of business telephone system, that offers voice communications through a cloud and is a type of VoIP phone system. The only difference compared to non-cloud hosted VoIP systems is that cloud-hosted telephone systems are hosted on cloud-based servers.

The benefits of cloud-hosted VoIP telephone systems are many. Less downtime, faster speed and connectivity, fewer installation and ongoing maintenance costs some of the most popular reasons to switch from an analogue to a digital phone system.

Popular examples of Cloud Calling

Cloud calling is getting increasingly popular as the technology world keeps growing – you may have had a cloud call yourself and not realised. The most popular examples of cloud calling are implemented through software such as Google Voice, Google Hangouts and even Vonage.

Cloud calling is AI-based and provides voice and keyword analysis features for businesses. Many businesses today are using cloud calling over their conventional phone services with VoIP (Voice over IP) as the cloud system makes it easier for employers to connect anywhere across the world instantly. Modern organisations understand the value of efficient and effective cloud communication

Why Choose a Cloud Telephone System?

The iPECS Cloud provides a resilient, secure source of communication for businesses wanting to collaborate and communicate to their customers with a quick turnaround across networks.

The iPecs cloud is designed for a sale that suits all businesses and is very cost-effective. Whether you have a single home office or multiple locations across the UK or globally the cloud communications service will reach across your needs with on-demand features and same day set up. You can create custom-tailored experiences for your users and easily manage them by quickly adding or removing users. See below the main features of cloud-hosted telephony.

The main features of iPECS Cloud Hosted Telephones:

  • Quick and easy to add new sites or users.
  • No need for large upfront investment.
  • Can include tools and services such as hosted contact centres, intelligent numbers and voice continuity.
  • A wide range of calling features.
  • Can cope with organisations that have multiple sites across the world.
  • Easily managed using an online portal.
  • Lower cost and maintenance.
  • Higher accessibility and reliability.
  • Simpler to implement and scale.
  • Fast voice, email, chat and video features.
  • Easier to keep updated.
  • Minimized downtime.
  • No need for additional infrastructure.
  • Voicemail to email 
  • Increased transparency of usage and communications-related statistics.
  • And much more

Why choose Maximum Networks for iPECS Cloud Communication Technology

At Maximum Networks, we can provide customers with managed IP telephony services and hosting solutions, tailored to the customer’s requirements. With a set of rich cloud telephony features, our hosting solutions come without having to purchase a phone system or extra standard phone lines.

iPECS Cloud from market leaders Ericsson-LG Enterpriseoffers everything you’d expect from an on-site phone solution – delivered via the cloud. Whether you have one home office or operate from multiple locations internationally, the system can be designed to scale.

Get simple, reliable cloud communications right at your desktop, delivered from secure, robust data centres. While you just use the handset, web portal or apps to access what you need when you need it, everything else is managed for you.

A simple but intuitive interface, tailored to do exactly what your business needs, makes it easy to manage the daily running of your communications, with multiple levels of reporting.

Other Reasons To Move To A Cloud Hosted Telephone System

Cloud hosted telephony systems are often updated and maintained by the service provider meaning that you, as a customer will not be needing to pay for any unnecessary resources or upkeep that would affect the cloud networks.

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Maximum Networks iPECS Cloud Handsets

The iPECS Cloud from Ericsson-LG Enterprise

Choose from a range of handsets designed to offer a no-nonsense user experience – all of which offer full access to the entire suite of iPECS functionality and features. These range from models suitable for all users and offering a simple interface to mid-range models and high-end phones able to handle large call volumes or offering a full touchscreen interface with Bluetooth and wireless support. The top-of-the-range LIP-9071, for example, essentially provides a phone and a tablet in one device.

Accompanying the systems are an on-site call server, consoles and ways of accessing the solution remotely and on the move.

The iPECS Cloud Benefits and features

This flexible solution can be completely tailored to what you need, and is packed with on-demand features offers stacks of benefits – no matter what your business is:

  • Ability to add or remove users quickly and simply
  • Provision of a reception console or call centre solution, as required
  • Fully-featured handsets
  • Straightforward web-based, PC or smartphone interfaces
  • Voice-enable Skype for Business with a simple add-on app which fully integrates iPECS into a Microsoft UC desktop
  • Build a Call Centre within iPECS Cloud to help drive inbound and outbound capability
  • Local redundancy

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