Backing up SharePoint and Teams


Launched 20 years ago, web-based collaborative platform SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office Products. And while different organisations use this highly configurable tool in varied ways, it’s mainly sold as a document management and storage solution.

In the event of inadvertent or accidental deletion, or a service disruption, wiping out either one file or a whole collection, you need a way of getting your data back, despite the back-up solutions that already exist with this platform. Otherwise, it may be that you can’t recover from the resulting disruption.

The Barracuda solution

Barracuda’s solution makes backing up SharePoint is as easy as backing up the SQL databases holding the relevant data. Using the File and Folder plug-in, you can capture a consistent snapshot of all SharePoint data. Alternatively, back up just some content databases or back up at collection level.


Teams is, of course, the cloud-based Microsoft platform which has come into its own since Covid happened. The Microsoft communication platform is part of the 365 product family, offering videoconferencing, app integration and file storage.

You will need a third-party provider to absolutely guarantee back-up of all your Teams data. This ensures people can still work if for any reason the cloud is not available for an extended period, while protecting against anyone removing or changing information, purposely or otherwise. Equally, it will safeguard you in the event of an attack from ransomware or other malware.

If disaster strikes, you could lose essential data with no means of getting it back easily. (Or doing so could be a long, complex process.) Equally, if someone leaves your organisation, a back-up strategy ensures safe transfer of their data.

The Barracuda solution

With Barracuda, you’re covered, with straightforward back-up to keep your data secure – giving you one less thing to worry about.

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